Joe Biden Masterfully Avoids Trump’s Trap While Backing Police Reform

The Biden campaign issued a statement where they support the new Democratic police reform bill but oppose defunding police departments.

Here is the Biden camp statement:

Biden is right. Real progress will come from reform legislation. Phrases like defunding the police are political footballs for the partisan classes that get tossed around on cable news and social media making it more difficult for real policy reform to happen.

The idea that calls to defund the police are only good for Trump was a hackneyed conventional political wisdom trope that doesn’t match the current landscape of the election. Joe Biden benefits from the calls to defund the police because it gives him the political real estate to call for the most comprehensive police reform bill in history while expanding his center lane.

Former Vice President Biden knows what he is doing, and in the early stages of the general campaign has revealed himself to be the ideal candidate to run against Trump and his brand right-wing extremism.

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