CNN Mocks Trump’s Legal Threat Over Poll Showing Biden Leading

CNN responded to Trump’s cease and desist letter over a poll by comparing him to a dictator and calling claims factually and legally baseless.

Here is CNN’s response to Trump’s cease and desist letter:

Some quotes from the letter:

Trump continues to play to his base. The rest of the country is worried about the protests, pandemic, and the economy, but Trump keeps attacking CNN in the hope that if he feeds his base enough red meat it will carry him to victory over Joe Biden.

If Trump is going to threaten every single poll that shows him losing to Joe Biden, he will need to file dozens of lawsuits.

Trump can’t do anything to change his declining fortunes, so he is trying to discredit the polls, because his efforts to delegitimize the will of the majority know no limits. Trump will not stop until he routed and removed from the White House.

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