Trump’s Victory In Flynn Case Expected To Be Short Lived

Legal experts are suggesting that the appeals court decision that ordered the dismissal of the Mike Flynn case is expected to be overturned when the full court reviews the matter.

Harry Litman tweeted:

Norm Eisen had his usually spot-on take:

Glenn Kirschner saw the bright side of this ruling as the next non-corrupt DOJ being able to charge Flynn with all the crimes that he’s committed:

The decision was written by a judge who the ABA deemed not qualified:

When all the pieces are put together what emerges is a sham decision that will fall apart when it is heard by the full appeals court. Trump will crow about today’s news because he is still fighting the ghosts of the 2016 election instead of trying to win 2020, but this victory is expected to be short-lived, and as was pointed out above if the decision does somehow stand, the Biden DOJ will have the door wide open to charging Mike Flynn with all of the felony counts that he should be facing today.

Mike Flynn will regret the “help” that he got from Donald Trump.