Biden Stands Strong With Fauci In The Face Of Flailing Trump Smears


The Biden campaign is strongly defending Dr. Anthony Fauci, as the Trump White House has mounted a smear campaign against the pandemic expert.

Andrew Bates of the Biden campaign told ABC News, “The president’s disgusting attempt to pass the buck by blaming the top infectious disease expert in the country — whose advice he repeatedly ignored and Joe Biden consistently implored him to take — is yet another horrible and revealing failure of leadership as the tragic death toll continues to needlessly grow.

The White House is trying to smear Fauci because they want a yes man. Trump doesn’t want to hear the truth about the pandemic, because it goes against the White House and Republican strategy of pretending like the coronavirus isn’t surging across the United States.


Joe Biden will listen to the scientists and experts. He will take their recommendations and implement them to help America beat this pandemic.

The Biden campaign is standing with science and all of America should come together to reject Trump’s science fiction and wishful thinking that is sickening our friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens at an alarming rate.

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