Trump Wants To Make Your Kids Go Back To School, But He May Not Send Barron

Kellyanne Conway refused to say that Trump will send his own son Barron back to school when classes resume in a month or so.

Conway was asked about Trump sending his own son back to school, and she answered, “That’s a personal decision. I don’t know what Barron’s school has decided with their teenage son who I believe is entering high school this year.”

Conway went to argue that while Trump can have different rules for his son, American parents should send their kids back to school because that is what is best for them.

Video of Conway:

Trump wants to pressure parents and schools into opening and having kids attend regular full days, but it becomes a personal decision when it is Trump’s kid who might go to school and get exposed to the coronavirus.

If it a personal decision for the Trumps, it should also be a personal decision for every other parent regardless of their job or economic status. Teachers and staff will be at great risk if schools reopen. If Trump is serious about schools being open, he should send his son back first and take the risk of Barron Trump infecting him with coronavirus.