Biden Raises A Jaw Dropping $26 Million In 1 Day With Kamala Harris On The Ticket


Democrats are signaling their approval of the Biden/Harris ticket by giving a jaw-dropping $26 million since she was named Biden’s running mate.

The news from the Biden campaign:


Joe Biden raised $22 million for the entire fourth quarter of 2019.

Trump and his campaign are scrambling to figure a line of attack against Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, while the Democrats hammered Trump on his mishandling of the pandemic and his constant whining in their first joint appearance together.

Money, especially small-donor donations, is a sign of commitment and enthusiasm. Democrats are excited about this ticket because they see a leadership team that can beat Donald Trump and fix the country. Trump is pouting because he can’t hold his rallies. The President seems paralyzed without his mega rally crutch, as the energy continues to grow among Democrats.

Joe Biden already had momentum, but he gained even more after adding Kamala Harris to the ticket.

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