Trump Colluded With WikiLeaks To Get Russia Hacked Emails Released After Access Hollywood Tape


The Senate Intelligence Committee found that Trump got WikiLeaks to release Russia hacked DNC emails 30 minutes after the Access Hollywood tape dropped.

Natasha Bertrand tweeted:


Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi served as the middlemen for the Trump campaign and Russia. The operation was run through WikiLeaks. The Senate Intelligence Committee also found that Trump campaign officials had contact with Russian intelligence.

The release of the WikiLeaks emails shortly after the Access Hollywood tape was not a coincidence. It was a coordinated effort between Russia, WikiLeaks, and the Trump campaign to take attention away from the Access Hollywood tape and put it on Hillary Clinton. It would not have worked if the media hadn’t taken the bait and ran with the Clinton emails story.

The Trump playbook hasn’t changed. He has been trying and will continue to try the same tricks against Joe Biden.

The Senate Intelligence report sheds light on how Trump stole an election four years ago and is a warning on how he is trying to do it again.

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