Republicans Cave And Give Donald Trump Jr. An Escape With Testimony Deal

The Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee has given Donald Trump Jr. a deal where his Senate testimony is limited in time and scope.

Senate Committee Refers Perjury Cases to Mueller For Prosecution

The Senate Intelligence Committee has referred perjury cases to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Chairman Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) said Friday. Mueller is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and Burr’s committee has done its own investigation into the same matter. Burr disclosed that after witnesses were questioned in the Intelligence Committee’s  Russia probe several were suspected of lying. read more

Florida Asks Senate For Information About Bill Nelson’s Russian Hacking Claims

Florida officials want more information from the U.S. Senate supporting claims made by Senator Bill Nelson that Russian operatives have penetrated some of his state’s election systems.

“Florida officials want more information from US Senate about election hacking claims by Sen. Bill Nelson” read more

Malcolm Nance Chillingly Warns That Trump’s War On Credibility Is Going To Get Someone Killed

Malcolm Nance

Malcolm Nance told MSNBC that Trump's war on anything credible in America is going to damage national security and get someone killed.

DHS Secretary Claims She Is Unaware Russia Interfered With 2016 Election Ensuring Trump Victory

On January 6, 2017, between Donald Trump winning the presidential election and his being sworn in, our nation’s intelligence community issued a document clearly outlining how Russia, at the directive of the President of that nation, interfered with our election, favoring Donald Trump. read more

Trump Spits On The Constitution By Demanding The Senate Investigate The Media Instead Of Him

Trump casually suggested that America toss the Constitution in the trash on Thursday morning as he urged the Senate to investigate the free press instead of his campaign and presidency.

Comey Confidante Bursts Into Laughter Over Trump’s Claim That The Ex-FBI Director Is A ‘Leaker’

Trump is desperately spewing nonsense because he knows he has no credibility – and because, with each passing day, the obstruction of justice case against him builds a little bit more.

Investigators Close In On Trump As Senate Intel Committee Requests Campaign Communications

The Senate Intelligence Committee appears to be closing in on Donald Trump as they have requested all communications documents going back to the launch of his presidential campaign.

What The Senate Intelligence Committee Just Did To Mike Flynn Should Terrify Donald Trump

After Mike Flynn took the Fifth and refused to testify or turn over documents, the Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenaed two of Flynn's businesses, because a corporation has no Fifth Amendment rights. This a point that should scare the living daylights out of Donald Trump.

Trump’s Reason For Firing Comey Exposed As A Lie By Acting FBI Director During Senate Testimony

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe directly contradicted the White House when he said that Comey maintained broad support within the FBI.

Disaster For Trump As Senate Intelligence Committee To Investigate Trump/Russia Connection

As Donald Trump prepares to take office, the Senate Intelligence Committee has announced a bipartisan investigation into Russian election hacking and any connections between Russia and any members of campaigns.

GOP Senate Intelligence Chair Thinks His Job is To Help The CIA Bury Its War Crimes

One of the last things Dianne Feinstein did as Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee was to release a redacted 660 page executive summary of the Committee's 6,000 page report on the CIA's involvement in the Bush era torture program.

Scalia Is Wrong: The Constitution Prohibits Torture and GOP Civil Rights Violations

Conservatives have proffered every possible scenario to justify torture, including Supreme Court Justice Scalia invoking a fictional television counter-terrorism agent, Jack Bauer, torturing alleged terror suspects to stop a fictional attack on America.

Senate CIA Torture Report Still Protects Bush War Criminals

As one would expect from criminals, many Republicans, George W. Bush, and former Bush administration officials in charge of the torture program condemned the Senate's report as a biased attempt to rewrite history.

CIA Torture Program Was Brutal And Ineffective

The Senate Intelligence Committee's executive summary reveals that the CIA torture program was both brutal and ineffective.

Republicans Proven Wrong As Report Finds Torture Jeopardized National Security

Dick Cheney and his fellow Republicans have spent more than a decade claiming that torture both generated intelligence and was vital national security. The Senate Intelligence Committee report on torture proved both of these claims wrong.

Obama Uses Senate Report As A Decisive Blow To The Republican Torture Agenda

networks refuse to air obama immigration speech

Upon the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on the CIA's torture program, President Obama praised the work of those who keep us safe, but reminded us that we are safer when we adhere to our values.