WATCH: Trump Says Biden’s Campaign “Has Turned Into a Cult”

It is not uncommon to hear people refer to Donald Trump’s support as being cult-like. Even the supporters themselves sometimes refer to themselves in this way.

Just the other day, the President retweeted a message that had the hashtag #cult45. The tag being a reference to Trump being the 45th President and his people following him like a messianic figure.

The President is also very big on projection. He often attacks his opponents for doing the very things he is doing himself. So it was no surprise on Tuesday when Trump likened Joe Biden’s supporters to cult members.

He made the comments during a campaign event in Yuma, Arizona, telling supporters, “We’re talking about abolishing prisons. Biden’s campaign has turned into a cult for open-border and other zealots. By the way, they want to double and triple your taxes.”

Trump also used the event to double down on the idea that he is entitled to run for a 3rd term if he is to win in November.

The President opened his speech, “Considering that we caught President Obama and Sleepy Joe Biden spying on our campaign…Treason. We’ll probably be entitled to another four more years after this.”

Incidentally, Trump made those comments on the day a senate report was released about his campaign’s communications with Russia. The senate report outlined Roger Stone’s coordination with Wikileaks and Paul Manafort’s communications with Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian spy.