Trump Proves He Is Slowing Down The Mail With USPS Bill Veto Threat

Trump claims that he is not slowing down the mail, but he is threatening to veto the House’s bill to provide $25 billion in USPS aid.

CNN reported:

Keep in mind that President Trump himself characterized his opposition to more funding for the post office as a way to prevent the expansion of mail-in voting. So that’s the president himself who made that association.

And meanwhile the White House last night announced they would veto that bill that Phil was just talking about that’s moving through the House right now. That it would be dead on arrival if it were to get to the president’s desk. For starters, that $25 billion figure is much higher than what the White House and Republicans agreed to during the failed stimulus talks. They wanted more in the neighborhood of $10 billion, and the White House is warning they want strings attached to that postal service funding. They don’t just want an influx of cash for USPS. They want it earmarked specifically for COVID and for election purposes.

They also accuse Democrats of trying to use the pandemic as a pretext for limiting any changes or reforms to the post office. Reforms the White House argued in a statement are needed to modernize the post office.


Trump can’t be trying to speed up the mail while denying funding to the Postal Service. These two things aren’t happening at the same time. Trump is trying to deny funding to the post office to provide a pretext for his Postmaster General to continue to slash overtime and delay the mail.

Trump is proving that he is trying to slow down the mail by refusing to provide additional funding to the post office.

Republicans and Trump are trying to starve the post office so that millions of mail-in voters are disenfranchised in November.

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