White House Confirms It’s Working to Address USPS Issues

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According to Biden administration spokesperson Michael Gwin, the White House is working to address issues with the United States Postal Service.

President Biden has made clear his feelings on the current leadership of the Postal Service and the challenges it faces, and his team is working as quickly as possible to fill board vacancies so the USPS can effectively fulfill its vital mission for the country, and live up to the commitments made to its workers,” Gwin told CNN. read more

New Ad Warns Seniors in Vital Swing States About Trump’s Attacks on USPS

A new television ad created by MoveOn Political Action warns seniors in three vital swing states about President Donald Trump’s attacks on the United States Postal Service (USPS). The ads are set to air in Arizona, Florida, and Pennsylvania, states the president won in 2016 but that are very much in play during this year’s general election as the country grapples with concerns brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.  read more

Veterans Group Mocks Trump for “Finally” Going to War––Against USPS

Progressive PAC VoteVets has released a new ad repudiating President Donald Trump for his attacks against the United States Postal Service (USPS).

The video features narration highlighting the military deferments Trump received when he was younger (he crafted the now-infamous “bone spurs” excuse to get out of serving in Vietnam. The narrator also points out how much veterans depend on the Postal Service for prescription deliveries and for receiving their ballots. An estimated 100,000 veterans also currently work for the Postal Service, according to its official website. read more