Fox News Takes Out Trump By Confirming He Called The Troops Suckers

Fox News has confirmed key details about Donald Trump insulting the troops and calling them suckers and losers.

Fox News National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin was able to confirm with two former Trump administration officials that Trump called anyone who went to Vietnam a sucker. Trump was in a bad mood and did not go to the American cemetery in Paris. There was no security reason for him not to go, and that Trump did say that he did not want veteran amputees at his 4th of July parade because it was not a good look.


Trump was already reeling from the wall to wall news coverage about his insult to the troops. He tried to hold a press conference where he was lifeless and meandering, but it is his favorite news network that may have put the final nail in his political coffin.

America is already in the grips of a pandemic and a recession both made worse by Donald Trump, so the President’s insulting of the troops could be the final blow to put an end to his presidency. Trump has counted on Fox to be his propaganda backbone and keep his supporters on the team so it is ironic that the blow that could finish his political career came the network that he is addicted to watching.

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