Trump Claims Twitter “Makes Sure” Unflattering Stories About Him Trend on the Platform


Earlier this morning, President Donald Trump claimed, without evidence, that Twitter “makes sure” unflattering stories about him and his administration trend on the platform.

“Twitter makes sure that Trending on Twitter is anything bad, Fake or not, about President Donald Trump,” he wrote, referring to himself in the third person. “So obvious what they are doing. Being studied now!”


The president has continued to rail against “fake news” and media coverage he’s perceived to be unfavorable to him and his administration.

In 2018 he claimed Twitter is “SHADOW BANNING prominent Republicans” in response to a news story that alleged accounts owned by Republicans were showing up in a general search of the website but not automatically populating when typing their names in the drop-down bar. Twitter later issued a response, attributing the issue to a platform bug.

The president’s comments come after former model Amy Dorris came forward to allege he assaulted her at the U.S. Open in 1997. Dorris joins a long line of women who have accused the president of sexual misconduct.

Earlier this week, Trump fired back at “Fake News” media outlets and accused them of lying about the state of his campaign’s finances. News outlets over the last week have reported that the Trump campaign has lost its cash advantage over Joe Biden’s campaign.

We are advertising all over the place, but as much as we do, the Fake News likes to say we aren’t,” Trump wrote. “Just being smart. We have much more money than we had at same time in 2016. Also spending on other, and different, elements of the campaign. Starting to get great poll numbers!”

The Biden campaign recently raised $365 million during the month of August thanks to a consolidation of Democratic donors. By contrast, the Trump campaign raised $210 million.

Last week, The New York Times reported that the Trump campaign is experiencing a cash crunch after reviewing campaign filings. The Trump campaign has “burned through” hundreds of millions of dollars, including a not-insignificant amount on the president’s legal bills.