Trump Never Called Governor To Tell Him He Brought COVID Into Ohio

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) admitted that Trump never notified him that he and his team brought the coronavirus into his state.

Jake Tapper asked on CNN’s State Of The Union, ” First lady and president and top white house picks have coronavirus. A senior administration telling me they think the president got it was two Saturdays ago at the Supreme Court event. Has the White House called and, if so, when, to let you know they were potentially carriers of the virus and did not abide by safety protocols when they came into the great state of Ohio?”

DeWine tried to dodge, “I think the basic facts are pretty well known what happened.”

Tapper asked again, “They didn’t call you?”

DeWine clearly was trying not to upset the White House, “I wasn’t there for the debate. I was there, you know, when the president came into Dayton and when the president came in Toledo. Fran and I met the plan in Dayton, and we went up in the plane probably seven, eight, nine, ten minutes with the president, so I was not at the debate at all.”

Tapper pressed, “I know that, but they flew into your state of Ohio, and they likely were contagious. They likely had the virus. I’m glad that you’re okay, and I know that you weren’t at the debate himself and didn’t meet him around the debate but has the white house reached out to you to coordinate with the White House on contact tracing to make sure everyone they came in touch with whether on the staff of the Cleveland Clinic or anybody from Ohio that they are paying attention to them and making sure that they don’t get the virus or if they do, them get the medical care they need?”

Gov. DeWine finally answered, “Well, they have not reached out to me. I know I talked to the CEO of the Cleveland clinic the other day who gave me an update, a report, so I don’t know whether they have reached out to Cleveland Clinic or not. They have not talked to me about it, no.”


The sitting President Of The United States brought a deadly virus into a state, and no one from his campaign or administration called the governor to offer to help with contact tracing. DeWine didn’t want to answer Tapper’s question because he knows how bad it looks politically for Trump to spread the coronavirus in Ohio and show zero concern for the impact that his actions have on others.

The most damaging element to this story isn’t that Trump got coronavirus. It is that he selfishly exposed so many other people to infection.

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