Texas Moved To Tossup As Trump’s Support Collapses

NBC News has moved Texas into the tossup category in the biggest sign yet that Trump and the Republican Party’s support is collapsing.

Here’s the map:

The projection map is a nightmare scenario for Donald Trump as every single tossup state is one that he carried in 2016. Joe Biden has zero tossup states to defend.

The map projects that when Democratic leaners are factored in Biden will finish over 270 electoral votes without winning a single swing state.

Trump has canceled his ads and bailed on Florida, as he is concentrating on Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Minnesota.

If Texas is truly a swing state, Republicans could be looking at their worst presidential defeat since 1996. The latest polling suggests that Independents and Hispanics in the state who are undecided are breaking for Biden.

Republicans have built one of the nation’s strongest voter suppression systems in Texas, so it will take a massive turnout to swing the state, but the fact that Texas is a tossup shows that Trump’s support is in a state of collapse.

Trump is broke. He has been unable to match Joe Biden’s ad spending in the state. Texas could be there for the taking if not in 2020, then it will be very soon.

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