CNN’s Jake Tapper Says Exit Polls Favor Joe Biden

Exit polls are going to be a bit different this year. Most years, the exit polls matter much more. But this year, the vast majority of Americans have already voted. So the exit polls have to be taken with a grain of salt.

That doesn’t mean, though, that the exit polls can’t still help to inform Americans of where voters are leaning. And according to CNN’s Jake Tapper, those exit polls favor the campaign of Joe Biden.

Tapper told viewers, “When we talk about reading the tea leaves, again, here I am seeing an electorate based on the early, early exit poll results — not definitive — that suggest an electorate that one could say is more amenable to the Biden message.”

The CNN anchor continued, “It is a more female electorate. It is a less white electorate. It has more older voters and seniors that are in favor of Biden according to polls, and a more college educated. Early results and looking at what I am seeing here, that is what I am taking away.”

Dana Bash, who joined Tapper during the segment, largely agreed. She told the host:

“The country is less white, but it’s not the Republican party,” Bash noted. “This is why broadly before Trump came on the scene you saw the Republican party nationally trying so hard to expand beyond a white base. And then came Donald Trump, and everything that came with the Trump campaign and the Trump presidency. It has been a lot harder for him to reach out beyond, and in order to keep the Republican party from being a really shrinking party.”