Republican Civil War Explodes As Trump Supporters Chant Fox News Sucks While Marching To SCOTUS

Trump supporters marched to the Supreme Court and chanted Fox News sucks as the way less than a Million MAGA March gets ugly.

Video from Phillip Lewis of The Huffington Post:

While the corporate press has gone back their stale narrative of Democrats feuding, the real action is on the Republican side between Trump, his supporters, and Fox News. It has been reported that Trump’s big post-presidency plan is to start his own media company to “clobber” Fox News.

The political split that is happening isn’t on the left. It’s on the right, as Trump is doing something that no other president has ever tried to do. Trump is attempting to take the supporters of the political party with him when he leaves office.

The consequences for the Republican Party could be dire because if Trump is successful, it would mean that he is still in control of the party even after losing and being forced from office.

Trump‘s war on Fox News is the test case, and judging from the chants of some of his most diehard supporters, his war on Fox is working.

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