Jon Ossoff Calls Out Perdue For Refusing To Debate Him Before The Runoff


Sen. David Perdue is refusing to debate Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff before a runoff election that will help determine control of the Senate.

Ossoff tweeted:


Perdue’s debates against Ossoff have been disasters that have resulted in viral video moments that have made the Republican incumbent look bad. Very early initial polling reveals that both of the runoff races are close.

However, given Joe Biden‘s win in Georgia, both of these races could tip heavily in either direction based on turnout.

Senate Republican incumbents like South Carolina‘s Lindsey Graham found that they were able to hold on to their Senate seats while refusing to debate, but the political landscape in Georgia looks much different than in neighboring South Carolina.

The future of healthcare and dozens of other policy issues is on the line in the two Georgia runoff elections. Voters in the state deserve to see the candidates side by side again before making such a critical choice.

Perdue is scared. One might even say he’s a Perdue chicken. Cowardice should never be rewarded, especially with so much on the line for Georgia and the rest of the nation.

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