Trump Is Melting Down As Twitter Flags 7 Of His Tweets For Election Lies In 45 Minutes


Trump is on a disinformation rampage about voter fraud, and Twitter has had to flag 7 of his tweets for false statements in 45 minutes.

Trump is using conspiracy theories to call for the blocking of the certification of results in Michigan:


He made false claims about Detroit:

Trump also repeated his lies that have been completely tossed out of court in Pennsylvania:

All told, Twitter flagged seven tweets within 45 minutes for containing disputed or inaccurate information.

The gameplan for Trump looks obvious. Trump is trying to stop the certification of the results in Pennsylvania and Michigan while hoping that audits and recounts hand him Wisconsin and Georgia. In the long-term, Trump is trying to establish the false narrative that the election was stolen from him so that he can run again as a candidate was robbed in 2024.

The idea of Trump running again appears to be farfetched given the fact that he will be a nearly 80-year-old failed one-term president, who very well could be a convicted felon if the cases in Manhattan and New York state move forward.

Trump is melting down in the present while salting the political earth for the future. The entire country has seen this behavior for four years, as this is Trump at his most desperate and panicked.

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