Michigan Republicans Say Biden Won And No Elector Coup Will Happen


Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey said that Joe Biden has won the state and Republicans will not participate in an elector coup.

Bridge Michigan reported:

“That’s not going to happen,” Shirkey, R-Clarklake, said in a wide-ranging interview with Bridge Michigan. He noted state law awards electors to the winner of the state’s popular vote. And Biden won the state by more than 146,000 votes, according to unofficial results.


“We are going to follow the law and follow the process,” he said. “I do believe there’s reason to go slow and deliberate as we evaluate the allegations that have been raised.”

The Republican-led legislature in Pennsylvania has also ruled out any idea of an elector coup to keep Donald Trump in power. Trump has withdrawn his last lawsuit in Michigan. There is not going to be a dramatic legal victory or a power play by state legislatures to throw the country into a constitutional crisis and keep Donald Trump in power.

Republicans in key states where the Republican elector coup would have to happen are not playing along. Even people in his own party are sending Donald Trump the message the election was free and fair.

Joe Biden won. It’s over, and now the country must move on.

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