Trump Replaces Two Former Secretaries Of State With David Bossie And Cory Lewandowski On Defense Business Board


Trump replaced former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and Madaline Albright with David Bossie and Cory Lewandowski on the Defense Business Board.

Here is the statement announcing the changes:


Foreign Policy reported that Trump’s lackey Defense Secretary has purged the board of its most experienced and distinguished members, “The directive, which the Pentagon’s White House liaison Joshua Whitehouse sent on Wednesday afternoon, removes 11 high-profile advisors from the Defense Policy Board, including former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright; retired Adm. Gary Roughead, who served as chief of naval operations; and a onetime ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, Jane Harman. Rudy De Leon, a former chief operating officer at the Pentagon once considered by then-Defense Secretary James Mattis for a high-level policy role, will also be ousted.”

The board works as an in-house think tank for military and defense policy. Trump has long sought to toss out experts who disagree with him and replace them with his allies.

On his way out the door, Donald Trump is gutting important pieces of the Executive Branch and trying to load the federal government with loyalists before Joe Biden takes office. None of these changes are going to work. The incoming Biden administration will toss Trump’s unqualified pals out on their backsides as soon as they take office.

Joe Biden will not only have to deal with a pandemic and a recession but also the damage that Trump is doing to the government itself.

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