White House Admits Trump Is Intentionally Sabotaging US Foreign Policy So Biden Will Fail

Trump is trying to create so many foreign policy problems on his way out that Joe Biden will fail as president.

CNN reported:

The Trump team has prepared legally required transition memos describing policy challenges, but there are no discussions about actions they could take or pause. Instead, the White House is barreling ahead. A second official tells CNN their goal is to set so many fires that it will be hard for the Biden administration to put them all out.


It’s a strategy that radically breaks with past practice, could raise national security risks and will surely compound challenges for the Biden team — but it could also backfire. Analysts and people close to the Biden transition argue the Trump team may act so aggressively that reversing some of its steps will earn Biden easy goodwill points and negotiating power with adversaries.

In Trump’s mind, he is already running for president in 2024, so he is trying to wreck as much of the government as possible so that Joe Biden will have to deal with foreign policy difficulties from day one.

Donald Trump continues to not understand who Joe Biden is. Biden isn’t a pushover. He has been around foreign policy circles for decades. Much of what Trump is trying to tear down, Biden will be able to easily rebuild and he will get credit for it.

One of the main reasons why Trump lost is that he only sees power in the negative. Donald Trump has no vision for the future. He only seeks to destroy the present. His negative conceptualization of power is why he only knows how to tear things down.

Joe Biden will be welcomed by the world, and he will be able to build positive relationships and make the sort of history that Trump dreamed about during his empty photo-ops with Kim Jong-Un.

Trump is trying to burn it all down, but what he doesn’t realize is that he is sabotaging America, not Joe Biden.