Arizona Republican Party Chair Urges Trump Treason Via Martial Law

Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward urged Donald Trump to impose martial law and overturn the election.

Ward tweeted:

When Trump supporters suggest that he cross the rubicon, they are urging him to violate the constitution and commit at minimum sedition, which could be viewed as treason by overturning the election.

The fact that there are so many Americans who are willing to end our democracy to keep one man in power shows that the threat to democracy will not end with Trump.

The odds of the Republican Party going back to normal with non-Trump candidates running for president in 2024 are getting close to zero with each passing day. The bar for future Republican candidates is being set by Trump at destroying democracy.

Donald Trump was the symptom and not the disease. Removing Trump isn’t going to fix the Republican Party.

The GOP is walking down a path that will make it a domestic threat to America’s system of governance. Trump has opened the door to authoritarianism, and millions of his supporters are willing to walk through and end democracy in the United States.

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