At Least 140 House Republicans To Challenge Biden’s Electoral College Win

At least 140 House Republicans are expected to object to the electoral college results and vote against Joe Biden’s win.

CNN‘s Jake Tapper tweeted:

The House Republicans are more worried about a primary challenge in 2022 from one of Trump’s minions than protecting the integrity of US elections. The election objection gambit will fail spectacularly, but the point isn’t to overturn the election and keep Trump in power.

House Republicans have totally convinced themselves that the man behind the curtain is the powerful Trump, not a small failed one-term president whose power will vanish as soon as he no longer has the tools and the platform of the highest office in the land.

The behavior of these House Republicans is un-American. The United States now has a two-party political system where one of the parties is openly opposed to and attempting to destroy democracy.

Congressional Republicans aren’t going to suddenly behave themselves and see the light after Trump is gone. Republicans will remain a threat to democracy that must be defeat when the same urgency that voters demonstrated when they elected Joe Biden.

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