Colorado Officials Urge Investigation into Rep. Lauren Boebert, Who Challenged Election Results Ahead of Capitol Attack

Last updated on January 18th, 2021 at 12:08 pm

Colorado officials have written to congressional leadership requesting an investigation into Representative Lauren Boebert’s actions leading up to the attack on the United States Capitol last week. Boebert, a subscriber to the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory alleging that President Donald Trump is being victimized by a cabal of Satan-worshipping Democrats, challenged the results of the 2020 election ahead of the attack.

The attack was incited by President Trump himself, who for weeks has sought to overturn the results of an election that President-elect Joe Biden won decisively. On January 6, he urged his supporters to storm the Capitol; they complied. Five people, including a Capitol Police officer, died in the insurrection against Congress.

The letter was published by KUSA and first obtained by The Steamboat Pilot and Today. It was penned by 68 officials across Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, which Boebert represents.

“We have heard overwhelmingly from our constituents, therefore her constituents, that there is deep concern about her actions leading up to and during the protests that turned into a violent deadly mob,” reads the letter.

Representative Boebert’s speech and tweets encouraged the mob mentality of her social media followers and the people who directly participated in the destructive violence that disrupted a lawful democratic process from taking place as scheduled,” the officials continue, before recommending that a probe be opened.

“As elected officials we are dedicated to serving all those in our region regardless of their affiliation,” the letter concludes. “We take this responsibility seriously and expect Representative Boebert to do so as well.”

Boebert insists that she is being smeared by Democrats and accused them of inciting violence themselves. She did not provide evidence to support these claims.

“We should take Democrats at their word when they say never let a crisis go to waste,” she said in a statement. “Their hypocrisy is on full display with talks of impeachment, censure and other ways to punish Republicans for false accusations of inciting the type of violence they have so frequently and transparently supported in the past.”


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