Kayleigh McEnany lies about Russian bounties on US troops

Kayleigh McEnany Has Spent the Day Complaining About the Biden Press Team and Administration

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 12:29 pm

On Wednesday night, Jen Psaki held her first press briefing. Joe Biden’s press secretary assured the White House press corps that she planned on holding a daily briefing Monday through Friday. Her candor and professionalism was well received by the media.

And, of course, the praise for Psaki upset the people who formerly did the job for Donald Trump. Sean Spicer shared a Fox News article about the media being nicer to Psaki then they were to him.

During her last presser, Kayleigh McEnany read a ridiculous statement about the Trump riots then ran from the podium without answering any questions. The embarrassment from that moment, however, did not stop her from criticizing the Biden administration.

McEnany began her day by tweeting, “At yesterday’s White House Press Briefing, when asked about Biden’s abortion policy, we were reminded: ‘he is a devout Catholic & somebody who attends church regularly.’ Today, we learn Biden is reportedly preparing to roll back Trump’s pro-life policy.”

The former Press Secretary then defended the Trump administration’s failed COVID policies. She wrote, “CNN anonymous sources WRONG again, contradicted by Dr. Fauci Asked if Biden is “starting from scratch,” Fauci says, ‘We certainly AREN’T starting from scratch’ Admits ‘taking some ideas from the previous administration’ There was ALWAYS a plan”

McEnany closed her whine session with a complaint about how Biden not answering questions. She tweeted, “resident Joe Biden didn’t take questions, just snapped at a reporter, while we got no answer on: whether Biden will force the Little Sisters of the Poor to provide contraception. Whether he wants to make DC a state What about court packing??”


Todd Neikirk

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