Biden Does What Republicans Won’t By Sending Generators And Water To Texas

President Biden has sent generators, water, blankets, and meals to Texas, as Republicans sat around waiting for the weather to warm up.

According to the White House, here is what has been sent to Texas so far:

Ted Cruz is vacationing. Gov. Greg Abbott is blaming AOC, and former Gov. Rick Perry told the people of Texas to wait until the weather warms up to unfreeze the natural gas pipes and restore power. President Biden is showing Texas Republicans how the government is supposed to function in a crisis.

Unlike the previous president, Biden is not dragging his feet or withholding aid based on whether or not the state voted for him.

Joe Biden promised to be a president for all Americans, and that is exactly what he is doing. Biden sees that Texans are freezing and dying, so he is sending help.

America once again has a president who will be there when he is needed. Biden is not blaming Texas Republicans, even though this crisis is all their fault. He is sending help, and hopefully, the people of the state will see Biden’s example and demand better from their government.

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