Joe Biden Has Been In Office For 32 Days And Spent 0 Taxpayer Dollars Playing Golf

Joe Biden has been president for 32 days and has spent 0 taxpayer dollars going to golf, but he does go to church every weekend.

Jeff Tiedrich tweeted:

It is a fact. Joe Biden has spent not a penny of taxpayers on golf in his first month in office.

What did President Joe Biden do with his weekend?

On Saturday, he went to church with his family. According to the White House Pool Report as provided to PoliticusUSA, “Motorcade arrived at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown at 5:57 p.m. Pool managed to see the president entering the building. We are now holding outside.”

It has been a consistent feature of the early Biden presidency.

Joe Biden spends his presidential weekends with his family and going to church.

There have been no million-dollar trips on Air Force One to a golf club that he owns in Florida. There have been no bills to the taxpayers for golf cart rentals and hotel rooms.

President Biden did manage to secure enough COVID vaccine for every American to be vaccinated by July.

The Secret Service spent $5.2 million on Trump’s first four golf trips in 2017, which was just for security costs.

Trump spent 296 years of presidential salary on golf by 2019, so far Biden has spent zero.

The grift has ended as Joe Biden would rather be with his family than line his pockets with taxpayer money.

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