Amy Klobuchar at the Senate hearing on the Capitol attack

Amy Klobuchar Whacks Ron Johnson For Pushing Conspiracy Theory During Capitol Attack Hearing

Senate Rules Committee Chair Amy Klobuchar nailed Sen. Ron Johnson for pushing conspiracy theories during the Capitol attack hearing.

Sen. Johnson said, “Many of the marchers were families with small children, many elderly, overweight or plain tired for frail, traits not typically attributed to the riot prone. Many pro-police shirts or pro-police black and blue flags. Although they represented mostly the working class by manner and speech, some stood out. Didn’t share the jovial, friendly, and earnest demeanor of the great majority. Some obviously didn’t fit in. He describes four different types of people, plain-clothed militants, provocateurs, fake Trump protesters,s and then disciplined uniform calm protesters, I think these are the people who probably planned this. The vast majority of Trump supporters are pro-law enforcement, and the last thing they would do is violate the law.”

Video of Johnson:

Sen. Klobuchar (D-MN) responded after the hearing:

Sen. Johnson has been pushing the conspiracy theory that the armed insurrection never happened. It is difficult for the Senate to fulfill its duties of oversight when people like Ron Johnson are abusing their position in the Senate to push conspiracy theories.

It isn’t like Johnson was trying to play to Fox News, because Fox wasn’t covering the hearing. Ron Johnson was doing what he does. Sen. Johnson toxically spreads lies and misinformation all over the Senate because he views it as his only path to remaining a Senator.

Ron Johnson will remain a problem until the voters of Wisconsin kick him out of the Senate.

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