Check Out This Tweet Where Candace Owens Predicted India Would Prove That Social Distancing Doesn’t Work

For a variety of reasons, many Conservatives have decided to take COVID-19 much less seriously than Liberals. The number one reason, of course, is Donald Trump. If the 45th President was to go on the attack against the virus, who knows where the country would be at this point.

A number of Conservatives also felt that the restrictions placed in order to combat the pandemic had gone too far. The simple act of wearing a mask indoors was a bridge too far for them.

And to push their agenda, people like Candace Owens claimed that countries without the restrictions would do much better combating the illness. The right-wing late night host tweeted last April:

Two weeks ago I told you all that India was the country to watch as millions of their workers were stranded along the railroad—no means of social distancing. India has just 169 deaths. Reported its first case in January.”

Owens continued her message, “BUT IT’S 10 TIMES MORE DEADLY THAN THE FLU, BRO!”

Sadly, Owens was dead wrong in her prediction. India is currently experiencing one of the worst COVID outbreaks since the pandemic began. Worse yet, the country has a severe medical supply shortage. People are dying in the streets and many hospitals have run out of oxygen.

Not suprisingly, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi took quite the Trumpian stance when it came to COVID-19. Back in late January, he proclaimed, “India has saved the world, entire humanity, from a major tragedy by effectively controlling coronavirus.” The world leader is now claiming that no one could have seen the current epidemic coming.