Opinion: A Pandemic Nurse’s Diary Reveals Trump’s Malignant Politics, Failure of Economy

COVID 19 Nurse (cropped)

A Pandemic Nurse’s Diary, by Nurse T with Timothy Sheard. New York: Hardball Press, 2020. 143 pp.

Reading A Pandemic Nurse’s Diary, particularly against prevalent media representations of healthcare workers’ experiences during this pandemic, brought to mind for me the opening words of the sketch by the U.S. radical writer Jesús Colón, “Something to Read,” from his collection A Puerto Rican in New York, in which he describes “a piece of working class literature, a pamphlet, a progressive book or pamphlet” as “precious things.” read more

AOC: Until COVID is Under Control We Should Pay People to Stay Home


The COVID-19 pandemic is currently raging throughout the United States. The Trump administration has focused all of its energy on contesting the results of the election and has essentially ignored the virus.

Joe Biden is eager to start tackling the pandemic. The president-elect had a call on Thursday that included 5 GOP Governors. There is little he can do, however, while Donald Trump is still president.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a plan on helping to control the disease until both Biden and vaccines come along. The New York congresswoman thinks the country should be paying people to stay home.

AOC made the suggestion in a Thursday tweet-thread. She began, “To get the virus under control, we need to pay people to stay home.”

The congresswoman continued, “Republicans are mad at this when they literally just voted to do just this in March. The reason they’re opposed to it now is because last time they got a Wall Street bailout and this time all that’s left is helping working people, the disabled, the poor, etc.”

Ocasio Cortez closed her comments, “Funny how you didn’t hear Republicans complain about “spending other people’s money” or ask “how are we going to pay for it?!” when they insisted on creating a $4 trillion leveraged slush fund for their Wall Street buddies in March.”

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— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) November 19, 2020 read more

WATCH: Trump Says When Governors Tell Media They’re Unhappy With His COVID Response, They’re Lying for Politcal Reasons

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Many of the country’s governors have been unhappy with the White House’s response and direction when is comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. And this isn’t just a Democratic lawmaker issue, Republicans have been upset as as well.

According to Trump, however, he gets a different message from these governors when he speaks with them on the phone. Today the President said that the lawmakers change their tune when they speak with the media for “political reasons.”

During today’s COVID-19 briefing, Trump told reporters, “The governors of other states, and uh, when we get on the phone with them they’re very happy. That I can tell you.”

The President continued, “No complaints from any of them, they’re very, very happy. What they say to you separately maybe will change for poltical reasons, but they are very happy with the job we’ve done.”

Trump claims all the governors are happy with the job he has done, and they are lying when they talk to the media. pic.twitter.com/jwthiTFtzP

— PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) August 4, 2020 read more