WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger Tears Into “Schmucks” Who Refuse to Wear Masks

Long after he became one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger became a politician. And he became an unlikely governor of the country’s largest state back in November of 2003.

The former governor was then, as he is now, a Republican. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have plenty of issues with his party. Schwarzenegger was a frequent and fervent critic of Donald Trump. And now he’s taking on Republicans who refuse to wear masks in public.

The movie star talked about the issue with CNN’s Bianna Golodryga and Alexander Vindman. He explained, “There is a virus here, it kills people, and the only way we prevent it is we get vaccinated, we wear masks, we do social distancing, washing your hands all the time, and not just to think about ‘well, my freedom is being kind of disturbed here.”

Schwarzenegger continued:

“No. Screw your freedom, because with freedom comes obligations and responsibilities. You cannot just say ‘I have the right to X, Y, and Z.’ When you affect other people, that is when it gets serious. No one is going to tell me that… I have to stop at this traffic light here. I’m going to go right through it.’ Then you kill someone else and it is your doing. You have the freedom to wear no mask. But you know something? You’re a schmuck for not wearing a mask.”

Watch a clip of the segment below: