Joe Biden Is Being Proven Right On Afghanistan Withdrawal

The United States spent 20 years trying to build an independent and sustainable government in Afghanistan, but recent events show why it was never going to work.

President Biden is being criticized by hawks for his decision to pull the United States out of Afghanistan, but the Taliban’s rapid ascent in the country combined with the collapse of the government is not the fault of the current president.

Biden Read The Situation In Afghanistan Correctly

Nearly 2,500 US troops have died in Afghanistan. The US has spent a dizzying $2.26 trillion to build a government and support the government.

All of that sacrifice was made to build a government that has proven to be a house of cards. The United States spent decades building the structure of a democratic society in Afghanistan, only to see it swept away in weeks.

President Biden read the situation correctly.

The United States Could Leave Or Stay Forever In Afghanistan

The United States could either stay in Afghanistan and prop up the fragile government forever, or they could make the difficult decision to leave and see if the decades of hard work resulted in a government that could stand on its own.

Joe Biden is doing the right thing for the American people. It is not his fault that the Afghan government is collapsing. Some president had to be brave enough to put an end to US involvement in Afghanistan.

The Taliban was always going to wait out the United States presence and then take back the country. It is what the Taliban does. Until the nation of Afghanistan itself rises up and embraces democracy and forces the Taliban out, democracy will not ever take root.

What is happening in Afghanistan is horrific, but President Biden was right to pull the US out. Biden is the President  Of The United States. It is his job to take care of the American people first.

The sad reality is that it doesn’t matter how many US lives were lost or trillions of dollars were spent, the government in Afghanistan was destined for collapse.