Jim Acosta Urges The American People To Save Democracy And Flush Trump

CNN’s Jim Acosta used Trump flushing documents to urge the American people to flush Trump to save democracy.

Video of Acosta:

The CNN anchor said:

As for our own cheater in chief back here in the U.S., trump does not seem very worried as if his punishment is being decided by the Olympic Committee rather than the Justice Department. Perhaps, in 2024, Trump could run for the White House under the TIC. The Trump Insurrection Committee. He could bring home yet another gold toilet. But honestly, this is what happens when you allow someone like Trump to clog the pipes of American democracy. Now that the GOP has failed to root out the problem, it’s up to the American people to flush as many times as possible. Go, Team USA. 

Jim Acosta was right. The consequences of allowing a corrupt authoritarian like Trump into power are still being felt today. Trump continues to violate norms and laws.

The only way to get rid of Trump and make some of the Republican sheep who are blindly following along rethink what they are doing is by beating Trump and sending him packing.

Congress also needs to act and stop assuming that laws that were previously governed by ethics and the honors system will be followed. Trump showed that if there are no consequences for breaking the law, people like him will ignore laws.

The American people should not wait for prosecutors or the courts to get rid of Trump. They should handle the job themselves and save democracy.