With Putin Reeling, Biden Sends Drones, Armored Vehicles, And Machine Guns To Ukraine

President Biden is sending another $300 million in aid to Ukraine including drones, armored vehicles, and machine guns.

The Washington Post reported:

The new aid will include Puma unmanned aerial systems — hand-launched lightweight drones with a range of about a dozen miles that can fly for about two hours — providing Ukrainian infantry with extended reconnaissance capabilities. The Pentagon also intends to send Ukraine “nonstandard” machine guns, meaning the weapons aren’t regularly used by the U.S. military.

The United States will send armored Humvees, night-vision devices, thermal imagery systems, tactical secure communications systems, commercial satellite imagery services, medical supplies and Switchblade drones — small unmanned aircraft packed with explosives that crash into targets such as tanks in “kamikaze” fashion.

Putin is on the run and trying to consolidate his forces in Ukraine in areas where he can keep or acquire territory. After six weeks, it appears that the Russian war to topple the democracy in Ukraine has been a failure, so Putin is pulling back and will try to mount another push in a different part of the country.
President Biden is making sure that Ukraine has everything they need to get the invaders out of their country.
The influx of aid sends a message to Putin that the United States will stand with the Ukrainians and for as long as he continues the invasion, America will be there supporting Ukraine.
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