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Rachel Maddow reveals DOJ memo on The Rachel Maddow Show

Rachel Maddow Reveals The DOJ Memo That Has Trump Rushing To Declare His Candidacy

Rachel Maddow revealed the DOJ memo that Donald Trump thinks will keep him from being prosecuted if he declares his candidacy for 2024.

Video of Rachel Maddow:

Rachel Maddow said:

Now we know now that we’ve obtained this Justice Department memo. It concludes something into actions. If he announces himself as a declared candidate for president, that means any investigation that relates to him or anyone working for him has to be personally cleared in writing through the very highest echelons of the Justice Department.

The Justice Department has a lot of discretion in how it pursues criminal prosecution, how many resources to apply to a particular problem, how aggressive to be in charging and sentencing decisions. And honestly, in how fast to move. Are they being outflanked?\

It is realistic to wonder if Trump is going to get one over on the DOJ by announcing his candidacy very early, but the DOJ memo doesn’t say that Trump can’t be investigated if he declares his candidacy, but that the highest levels of the Justice Department would have to sign off on it, which would be expected if the DOJ was investigating a former president.

The Justice Department is staffing up to expand its investigation into the people behind the coup. DOJ has been methodically working its way up the ladder of power in the Republican Party, and it is unlikely that they are going to be deterred by their own guidance if they have the evidence and the desire to prosecute Donald Trump.

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