Herschel Walker Shows Why Republicans Are Terrified Of Him Debating Raphael Warnock

Herschel Walker collapsed into word salad and talked about debating Sen. Warnock for “the fans.”

Walker said on Fox News when asked why he won’t agree to debate Warnock, “Well, first of all, Sen. Warnock has nothing else to talk about. He don’t want to talk about the high gas prices. He don’t want to talk about the high groceries. I told him many times I’m ready to debate him anytime any day. I just want to make it for the fans, not about some political party, or media, and all they doing is talking.”

Running for Senate isn’t a football game. There are no fans in attendance. Political campaigns are not entertainment events, where the winner gets to entertain the fans in the Senate.

Republicans are afraid to have Herschel Walker in a debate setting unmanaged and unscripted, and it is easy to see why.

There are legitimate questions that could be asked about Walker’s wellness and fitness after decades of blows to the head while playing football. A new report has linked head blows and CTE.

Republicans are trying to hide Herschel Walker, and his responses on Fox News show why they are terrified of a debate with Sen. Warnock.