The Secret Service Knew Of A 1/6 Threat To Nancy Pelosi And Did Nothing

The Secret Service knew about a threat against Speaker Nancy Pelosi days in advance but did not pass it along until after the Capitol attack.

CREW wrote:

The Secret Service knew of a threat to Nancy Pelosi on January 6th, days before the insurrection, but did not pass it along until hours after the Capitol had been breached, according to Secret Service emails obtained by CREW.

On January 4, Secret Service agents discovered a Parler account, which we’ve chosen not to name, posting a series of violent threats towards lawmakers. Other profiles with the same name appeared on Twitter, MeWe, Bitchute, Youtube and Facebook.

On December 31, the account posted, “January 6 starts #1776 all over again…Fight for EVERYTHING” and listed “Enemies,” including Pelosi.

The Secret Service is not responsible for the security of the Speaker of the House, but they should have passed along the threat to Pelosi as soon as they uncovered it instead of waiting until after the Capitol had been breached.

Once the terrorists were inside the Capitol, it was too later for law enforcement to do anything preventive to stop the threat.

If this is the sort of behavior that the Secret Service was engaged in before 1/6, it makes sense why they would be destroying their text messages. The Secret Service appears to have a great deal that they would like to keep hidden surrounding the Capitol attack.

The Secret Service appears to be a very troubled organization. Congress needs to step in and reform the Secret Service because something is very wrong at this time.