Trump Is Having A Total Meltdown As DOJ Closes In

Donald Trump is on his failing social media platform demanding reinstatement as president, attacking the FBI, posting anti-Biden memes and conspiracy theories.

We will not repost the conspiracy theories from QAnon and 4Chan or the anti-Biden memes which contain false information, but Trump did attack the FBI:

Trump attacks FBI on truth social

Trump also demanded to be reinstated as president:

Trump demands to be reinstated as president

Our View: The Demand For Reinstatement Is A Ploy To Avoid Prosecution

Trump wants reinstatement because he needs the shield of the presidency to avoid criminal prosecution. The former president is focused on the DOJ investigation but is also under criminal investigation in Georgia and civil investigation in New York.

Donald Trump understands that being a candidate will not protect him from being prosecuted, which is why the chatter about announcing a 2024 candidacy around Labor Day has vanished. As soon as Trump becomes an official candidate, campaign finance rules apply, and he can no longer raise and spend money in the same unregulated manner that he has been using since leaving office.

Trump is unraveling. He is cornered and knows that there is no easy way out. There is also a clear sense of desperation. The former president can’t find good lawyers that will work for him doesn’t have the resources to fight the DOJ and lacks the media platform to mount a public relations defense.

Trump’s instability was testified to during the 1/6 Committee hearings and what is unfolding currently on Truth Social is a total meltdown.