Joe Biden nails Trump for being the source for the attack on democracy.

Biden Just Basically Labeled Trump American Democracy’s #1 Enemy

In a powerful speech, President Biden said democracy is under attack in the United States because of Donald Trump and his big lie.


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Biden said:

American democracy is under attack because the defeated former President Of The United States refused to accept the results of the 2020 election. He refuses to accept the will of the people. He refuses to accept the fact that he lost. He has abused his power and put the loyalty to himself before a loyalty to the constitution. He has made a big lie, an article of faith in the MAGA Republican Party, a minority of that party.

The great irony about the 2020 election is that it’s the most attacked election in our history and yet, there is no election in our history that we can be more certain of its results. Every legal challenge that could have been brought was brought. Every recount of that could have been undertaken was undertaken.
Every recount confirmed the results. Wherever factor evidence had been demanded, the big lie has been proven to be just that, a big lie. 

Nothing that the President said was inaccurate or wrong. Trump is the reason why democracy is under attack in the United States. If Donald Trump would have accepted his defeat, there would have been no 1/6 attack, no big lie, and no election deniers on the 2022 ballot.

By turning the Republican Party into a faction attempting to use a democratic electoral process to overthrow democracy, the failed former president has become the biggest domestic threat to democracy since the Civil War.

President Biden explicitly laid out where the threat to democracy came from and, in the process, basically made Donald Trump the #1 enemy of American democracy.

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