Jim Jordan speaks at the NRA Leadership Conference

Jim Jordan Goes Full Snowflake And Whines About Being Sued By Alvin Bragg

House Judiciary Committee Chair Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) complained at the NRA Leadership Forum about being sued by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.


Jordan said, “It is crazy to use federal tax dollars to indict a former president for no crime, and then when we try to investigate, they take us to court, but that’s what they did.”

Rep. Jordan left out the part where he is abusing his committee’s oversight power to illegally interfere in a local criminal prosecution. Jordan went from Donald Trump being charged to getting sued, while leaving the very important reason that he is being sued. If Jordan was attempting to abuse his power and interfere in a local criminal investigation, DA Bragg would not be suing him.

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Jordan’s complaining to the NRA shows that Republicans are used to being the bullies who can’t handle when Democrats stand up and fight back. Jim Jordan thought that Alvin Bragg was going to step aside and let him interfere in the criminal case against Trump.

When Bragg acted to defend the rule of law, Rep. Jordan went total snowflake and tried to play the victim.

The Republican Party has been remade in Trump’s image. The party is weak, soft, and constantly playing the victim while complaining.

Jason Easley
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