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Eric Swalwell talks about Jim Jordan during a House Judiciary Committee hearing.

Eric Swalwell Tears Jim Jordan To Pieces During Hearing

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) took apart Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) during a House Judiciary Committee hearing with Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas.

Swalwell said to Mayorkas:

Frankly, sir, I think you’re too nice because if I had a chairman who failed to honor his own lawful subpoena about 500 days after it was submitted to him, I would say catch me when you’re serious. Come talk to me when you follow the about whether or not you think I follow the law. But that’s not who you are, you take your job seriously even in front of a lot of unserious people. 

In fact, the chair that you are sitting in, you may not know this, but the last person who sat in that was called by the chairman an anti-vaccine, anti-Semitic witness in RFK Jr., so you have brought immediate credibility to the chair that you are sitting in just by being here. They’re not serious people. They chide people for their pronouns. They obsess and display in the committee and in other committees a private citizen’s non-consensual nude images. We’re not talking about serious people. We’re not talking about people who are on the level.


A group of unserious House Republicans led by Jim Jordan consistently abuse the congressional oversight process to push conspiracy theories and pander to conservative media. Rep. Swalwell was correct. There are not serious people who have any interest in governing and making policy for the country. Every witness that comes before their committee hearings is a guest star in their drama.

Jim Jordan doesn’t view passing legislation as part of his job as a member of Congress.

Jordan views his job as helping Trump to win in 2024, so House Republicans aren’t going to do anything to solve problems. It is all a show, and it will be canceled when Democrats win back the House majority in 2024.

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