Geoff Duncan calls Trump the worst candidate in the history of the Republican Party.

Trump’s Geoff Duncan Witness Tampering Massively Backfired

Former Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan left the Fulton County, GA courthouse and called Donald Trump the worst candidate in the history of the Republican Party.

Duncan said as he left the courthouse, “I hope my testimony gets the facts as they are and helps to paint a real; and honest picture, but politically speaking, this is a pivot point for our country to do something more than stew on the 2020 election cycle, right? As Republicans, we’re either going to take our medicine and realize the election wasn’t rigged, Donald Trump was the worst candidate ever, in the history of our party, even worse than Herschel Walker,  and now we are going to have to pivot from there. We want to win an election in 2024, it is going to have to be somebody different than Donald Trump.”


There’s the answer to why Trump was trying to tamper with Duncan and prevent him from testifying. The one thing that Donald Trump perhaps fears most in the world is witnesses that will truthfully testify about his behavior.

For months, Trump has been able to pretend that the criminal indictments have been helpful to his campaign. The media has played along with lots of Trump could win stories, but a shift appears to be occurring. Trump getting charged in Georgia, and with so many Republicans speaking out is bringing a sliver of reality to how Trump’s indictments are being viewed.

Donald Trump is looking like damaged goods and the more out of control he gets, the harder it is getting to see the former president as a viable presidential candidate.

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