Judge Chutkan says hearing will happen Friday.

Judge Chutkan Says Trump Doesn’t Have Unlimited Free Speech And Will Have Restrictions

During the protective order hearing, Judge Chutkan said that Donald Trump doesn’t have unlimited free speech and he will have restrictions on him like every other defendant.

MSNBC reported, “I’m going to read a quote, coming from the court, so it may not be perfectly precise, your client’s defense is supposed to happen in this courtroom, not on the Internet. And to the extent your client wants to make statements on the Internet, they always have to yield to witness security, witness safety, the judge continued saying I can see the possibility of a lot of problems here. Trump’s attorney assured the judge that President Trump will, quote, scrupulously abide by the conditions of his release and the judge reiterating he’s a criminal defendant he’s going to have restrictions like every single other defendant. So it appears at this point that the focus is on one — not limiting the president’s counsel in the former president  from posting this information online — from talking about this discovery, but a restriction on certain sensitive materials on what can be shared.”\

Chutkan on Trump’s free speech claims:


The judge is making it clear that Donald Trump doesn’t have unlimited free speech rights. Just like any other criminal defendant, he is going to have restrictions, but the protective order is not a gag order. Trump will have the ability to speak, but not about sensitive information, witnesses must be protected, and he will have to adhere to the conditions of his release.

Trump and his lawyers want no protective order, but Judge Chutkan also said that the case will be tried in the courtroom, not on the Internet. It appears that there will be a protective order to safeguard witnesses and testimony. Judge Churkan seems to be delivering a strong message to Trump that the courtroom is her world, and he will not be allowed to run wild.

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