Jim Jordan demands that Jack Smith be defunded in exchange for keeping the government open.

Every Vulnerable House Republican Will Have to Answer for Jim Jordan

Last updated on October 17th, 2023 at 07:48 pm

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Republicans are getting closer and closer to electing Rep. Jim Jordan, of alleged sex abuse cover up and January 6th insurrectionist fever infamy, to be the next Speaker of the House, which while really harmful for the country will leave vulnerable House Republicans to answer for Jordan’s scandals, conspiracy theories, election denialism, and extremist policies.

“Every vulnerable House Republican will suddenly need to answer for Jim Jordan’s craziest conspiracy theories and most extreme policy positions. Have fun,” Josh Schwerin of Saratoga Strategy wrote above this:

We just so happen to have gone through many of the reasons why Jim Jordan isn’t fit to be Speaker, which include the small detail the media seems to have forgotten or not care about: He’s an insurrectionist. Pardon me for being pedantic, but it seems that it should be taken for granted in a democracy that someone who tried to overthrow the government shouldn’t be second in line to the presidency.

But really, who better to be Speaker for a party that is led by the Main Insurrectionist himself. This party doesn’t care about democracy, and these so-called “moderates” in the House being convinced that Jim Jordan is the way is all the more evidence that no moderates are left in the Republican Party. There are hardliners who are ideologically more conservative than most Americans, and yet are “moderate” apparently because while they work with people who want to overthrow our government, they probably wouldn’t overthrow the government on their own.

Jim Jordan is soon to be hit with the George Clooney documentary, which will air on HBO, about the Ohio State wrestling sex abuse cover up. “It’s a devastating story about people in power abusing and then covering up their criminal actions against students,” Clooney said:

The feature, based on the October 2020 Sports Illustrated feature by Jon Wertheim, will take a deep look at Strauss’s abuse of hundreds of victims from 1978 to 1998, a scandal that continues to reverberate in Columbus and nationally — Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, who was an assistant coach on the college’s wrestling team, has repeatedly been accused of ignoring Strauss’s behavior.

It could be argued that covering up sex crimes is the Republican brand now. Still, it’s hard to see how this will go over with the average voter.

What else does Jordan have to recommend himself as the leader of a legislative body? Well, he hasn’t passed a bill in his 16 years in office. 

But maybe he has popular policy stances? He supports a national abortion ban, which was a big 2022 loser.

Maybe he’s good for freedom? Oops. He voted to overturn the safest election in U.S. history.

Maybe he stands for law and order? Well, he tried to get Trump pardoned for election crimes.

Maybe what you see is what you get with Jordan, and that’s appealing? Jordan misleadingly claimed he never said the 2020 election was stolen. CNN did a lengthy fact check, finding that Jordan repeatedly suggested the election had been stolen and actively worked to get an “investigation” into the election. They determined, in part:

Jordan claimed in October that Democrats were working to steal the election and spoke at a “Stop the Steal” rally in Pennsylvania two days after the election. In December, he said he didn’t know how he could be convinced that “Trump didn’t actually win” the election. Jordan also objected to the Electoral College results and called for an investigation into the election.

On November 18, Jordan called for Congress to investigate the election “amid troubling reports of irregularities and improprieties” despite the fact that there is no evidence of mass voter fraud in the 2020 election.

During his speech on January 6 objecting to Arizona’s electoral results, — moments before rioters invaded the Capitol — Jordan implied that the results of the election were incorrect and that Trump should have won.

Trump, Jordan argued, “got 11 million more votes than he did in 2016, and House Republicans won 27 of 27 toss-up races, but somehow the guy who never left his house wins the election?”

So Jordan is a man who hides behind cowardice, supports anti-democracy attacks on U.S. freedom, supports a man who was found liable for fraud and rape, as well as who is charged with 91 criminal indictments, and has this documentary about to drop.

This is who Republicans have decided is their choice to be the next Speaker of the House.

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