Confirmation Could Mean Impeachment and Jail for Kavanaugh

If Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed by the Senate it doesn’t mean he’ll definitely sit on the high court for life. Given the credible allegations against him, it is very possible that he would later be impeached from the Supreme Court. He might also be charged with sex crimes in the state of Maryland, and eventually go to jail if he is found guilty. read more

Kavanaugh’s Yale Roommate Says He Was ‘Capable’ of Sexual Assault

Brett Kavanaugh‘s roommate at Yale University, issued a statement Monday saying that he remembers that “Brett was a notably heavy drinker” and that he “became aggressive and belligerent when he was very drunk.” read more

Avenatti: ‘Brett Kavanaugh Is A Liar’ and His Claims Are ‘Laughable’

Like many people, Michael Avenatti thinks that Brett Kavanaugh’s interview on Fox News was pathetic, and his claims of being a virgin in high school are pathetic. He also thinks that Kavanaugh “is a liar.” read more

How Trump and the GOP Plan to Keep Fighting Kavanaugh’s Accusers

Nobody expected Donald Trump to give in easily. Despite new allegations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh the president remains defiant and combative and has no intentions of withdrawing Kavanaugh’s nomination. read more

If Kavanaugh Goes On Supreme Court Democrats Can Still Destroy Him

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff

Nobody knows what will happen this week when Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford testify before the Judiciary Committee of the United States Senate.

We do know that Ford will describe in detail the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh, and Kavanaugh will deny everything. Without other witnesses testifying there probably won’t be any surprises since both sides have already told their stories in the press. read more

Kavanaugh Having Trouble With Questions About His Sex Life and Alcohol

People in the Donald Trump White House have been leaking information to the Washington Post again.

According to confidential sources who spoke to the Post over the weekend, Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is struggling with certain questions concerning his personal life. read more

Republicans Fear Kavanaugh Sex Allegations Will Hurt Them in Midterms

Republicans are afraid that the sexual assault accusation against Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh will hurt them in the upcoming midterm elections. According to the Washington Post, many have expressed fear that the investigation will focus the voters’ attention on a highly-charged issue that will help increase Democratic turnout in November. read more

If Witnesses Are Allowed To Testify, It Is Going To Get Ugly For Kavanaugh

“Of course there is never any excuse to rape someone. But it’s possible to have two seemingly contradictory thoughts to be both equally true. There’s never any excuse to rape, a crime that I think is almost akin to murder because the rapist kills a part of the human soul. And yet what women wear and their body language also send signals about their sexuality,” Daily Caller writer and Georgetown Preparatory School Kavanaugh classmate Mark Judge wrote in Acculturated. read more