Chris Christie’s Donors Profit From Transferring New Jersey Pensions to Wall Street

Chris Christie is no stranger to questionable ethics and corruption, and although helping financial institutions profit to the tune of nearly a billion dollars to "manage" state pension funds may not be illegal, it is an atrocity New Jersey residents should be up in arms over; particularly because that is about how much Christie cut from New Jersey's education fund.

Reaping the Harvest: Romney Confirms Bain Exists to Kill Jobs

A new video confirms that Bain was never in the business of creating jobs, but rather of pumping companies for every cent for the Bain investors before harvesting the targeted business.

Mitt Romney’s Scourge of Private Equity Vampirism

We like people who contribute to our society, people who build, who create goods and services, who create jobs. We have a word for people who suck the life’s blood out of others: vampires. Vampires are parasites. Vampires do not sparkle. We don’t like vampires. We want to protect ourselves from them. read more