Megyn Kelly Says We Are a Bunch of Humorless Race Baiters for not Getting Her Joke

Megyn Kelly Humorless Race Baiters Nugent said, "The gun debate is about good people having the individual right from God, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, to stop evil people. If you find fault with that you're on the side of the evil people --- duh"

Megyn Kelly took a day off from her show “The Kelly File” to think about how she wanted to respond to the furor she had caused by saying Jesus and St. Nick were white guys.

After some no doubt weighty reflection, she decided, and came back Friday not to apologize for being a not-very-bright racist but to tell us all that because we did not recognize her “lighthearted” and “off-hand jest” Wednesday for what it was, we don’t have a sense of humor – oh, and that we’re just a bunch of race baiters taking cheap shots at “powerful” Fox News. read more