Rex Tillerson Dodging First Meeting With Our NATO Allies and Flying to Moscow Instead

“Comey/Rogers JUST spent 8 hrs detailing how Russia tried to hack US election….Tillerson on a mission to make nice w/ Moscow.”

Democrat Adam Schiff Nails Trump on For-Profit Business Posing as ‘Winter White House’

"@POTUS made Mar-A-Lago his "Winter White House." It’s not. It’s a private for-profit business where dues just increased from $100k to $200k"

Opinion: Trump Lies and a Russian Profits As Keystone XL Will Not Use American Steel

Trump pipeline

A Russian oligarch's company actively lobbied against provisions which mandated that Keystone XL’s steel be made in the U.S. so Trump elimination the provisions.

Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump Are Tripping Over Their Own Russia Excuses

Sessions not only forgot how to speak English (Trump says he could have answered "more accurately") but apparently forgot how to understand it

Law Firm Overseeing Trump’s Conflict Of Interest Is Russia’s Law Firm Of The Year

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse: even the people dealing with Trump's conflict of interest have a conflict of interest.

Increasingly Hysterical Trump Claims Intel Agencies Are Taking ‘One last shot at me’

In a frenzy of denials, Trump cried 'fake news,' accused intel agencies of taking a shot at him, and lied about his business ties to Russia