As Early Voting Starts, Democrat Michelle Nunn Pulls Ahead by 3 Points in Georgia

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Wednesday, October, 15th, 2014, 11:06 am


Is Georgia turning purple?

More good news for Democrats as the “GOP wave” we’ve heard so much about disintegrates.

As early voting starts in Georgia (click here to find your early voting locations), Democrat Michelle Nunn is leading her Republican opponent for the first time in the Georgia Senate race. Nunn leads Perdue by three points among likely voters in a new poll.

In an exclusive poll by Survey USA for Atlanta’s WXIA 11Alive, Michelle Nunn leads by 48% among likely voters, to David Perdue’s 45%. The Libertarian, Amanda Swafford, gets 3% of the vote, which 11Alive points out is just enough to possibly force a runoff in the state.

Here’s the best part. Nunn has gained points with men and independents, where she still trails but is closing the gap. “She still trails men by 3%, but five weeks ago, she was trailed among men by 19%. She also saw improvement among independents, 6 points behind Perdue instead of the 28 points in August.” That’s a lot of heat.

Democrats have reserved a cool “$1 million more for ads” according to Politico, which they attribute to Democrats seeing “the Senate race moving in their direction thanks to attacks against Republican David Perdue’s record of outsourcing.”

Republican Perdue has been working hard to destroy his own campaign by claiming he is “proud of” his career outsourcing jobs, which he said he had spent most of his career doing.

Politico reports that the National Republican Senatorial Committee will spend an additional $1.45 million in Georgia, to basically defend a seat they thought was theirs.

Thanks to yet another really bad Republican candidate who is totally clueless about the struggles of the average American and has clearly encased himself in a Fox bubble, along with yet another smart choice by the Democrats of a centrist Democrat (it’s a red state) with a name with a positive history in the state due to her father, Sam Nunn — a former Democratic U.S. Senator, Georgia might be turning purple.

Georgia desperately needs Michelle Nunn after years of destruction by Saxby Chambliss, who was too busy golfing in California and Florida at high end resorts to do anything but work to convince victims not to sue after the Imperial Sugar Co. refinery in Port Wentworth blew up, killing 14 people and sending 36 more to hospitals.

Chambliss also “badgered” a whistleblower witness during a Senate hearing, according to the Savannah Morning News. The Imperial Sugar Co. had given Chambliss a lot of campaign money, so he owed them; whereas the workers who died and those who had burns over 80% of their bodies, Chambliss felt he owed them nothing but badgering them not to sue.

How Chambliss golfs with the bad knee that kept him from serving in Vietnam is anyone’s guess. Of course, nothing stopped Chambliss from attacking his Democratic opponent Max Cleland, a decorated Vietnam veteran and triple amputee, for lacking patriotism. That is how Chambliss won his seat, so it’s no surprise that he’s done nothing for Georgia.

Early voting started Monday in Georgia.

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